What to Be Prepared with When Going on A Weekend Road Trip


The stress of our everyday lives always tends to get the better of us. A weekend getaway always seems to calm everyone down, here are a few things to remember when planning your getaway.


Come up with a budget. Call up a few resorts and compare their prices. Plan your activities depending on what you are planning to do on your getaway and deciding how much such activities would add to your budget. Include sudden expenses and meals if the meals are not included in your resort price. Include the estimated price for fuel and car rental services.

Pre-Book Your Resort

Decide on the resort you will be going to. When you are pre-booking your resort, don’t forget to check whether or not it is inclusive of meals and other added services. For this reason, it is important to have a few short-listed resorts available. Check whether there are any special rates or offers for families or groups. Make sure the resort you have chosen includes activities that other members of the family would enjoy, like pool facilities or trekking for example.

Sort out a Vehicle

Confirm your plans with your significant other and once the booking is confirmed with your resort you would need to hire a vehicle. Contact a budget car rental service and book a vehicle that would suit your requirement. You would need to discuss the daily rate available for the vehicle of your choice. You could also ask your budget car rental service to drop the vehicle off at your residence. This would save you the trouble of making time during your busy day, to go and pick up the vehicle.

If you are choosing to drive there in your vehicle it may be a good idea to make sure that you look into garages or a location either on the way or in the vicinity of the location you are planning to go to like Sunshine, Melbourne for instance, where you can pick up a vehicle part you may need for your vehicle or get it fixed in case you run into something unsavoury during your road trip.

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Make a Loose Plan

Make a loose plan including the route you are choosing to take and what time you would be leaving. Discuss with those joining you what kind of getaway you are planning on taking. Are you planning on relaxing and appreciating quiet time or enjoying some fresh air while trekking?


Make sure all the essentials you would need during the trip. Ensure that the clothes you have packed match the area you are going to, along with toiletries and any medicines that may be needed to be taken along during the trip. Organize a few snacks for the ride along especially if children are travelling with you. Don’t forget to bring along with lots of water.

Once you get there just sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company and vow to make it a weekend getaway to remember