Ways to Prepare Your Home for The Spring


With the arrival of spring, the hours of sunshine finally become longer and the temperatures become warmer. After a gloomy winter, it is time to add some life to your homes and open it to the great outdoors. What are the best projects to do at home in this period to liven things up? Here are 6 ideas to improve the rooms in your home and better enjoy this beautiful season!

Decorate with Indoor Plants

Plants are beautiful and in addition, they can improve the quality of the air we breathe and limit domestic pollution! Ficus and Dracaena, for example, purify the air of smoke and trichloroethylene; a substance commonly found in inks, adhesives, enamels and dyes.

Boston fern purifies formaldehyde, toxin emitted from plastic, gas stoves, clothes we bring home from the dry cleaners, etc. They also help us reduce blood pressure and anxiety. Choose the plant you like best and make room in the kitchen, in the entrance of the house or in the living room. It is not recommended to keep them in the bedrooms because they consume oxygen during the night and give off carbon dioxide.

Add Small Decor Details in Bright Colours

Think of the little things you could give a fresh seasonal look: bedspreads, duvet covers, pillows etc. you can go to town with any additions you like. change the pillowcases of the cushions of your sofa or bed and choose a lively and spring colour.

A couple of new pillow covers are a quick and inexpensive method of changing the overall look of a room. Add paintings or photo frames to the walls, install new roller blinds online on your windows, change the colours of your curtains etc. This is the perfect solution for those who often get tired of seeing the same things.

Start Preparing the Terrace

During the winter the balcony and the garden are neglected but with the arrival of longer and warmer days the time comes to migrate back to the outside. Clean the terrace by moving all the furniture and removing the leaves and petals of the blooming flowers. For the floor, arm yourself with a bucket and throw generous quantities of water to remove the first layer of dirt.

Scrub the metal furniture with a toothbrush, warm water and white vinegar and leave to dry. The vinegar sanitizes and removes the limescale residues left by the rain. Do you have too many commitments during the week to be able to clean? Enjoy moments of relaxation at home, rely on a professional and always find a welcoming, orderly and clean environment.

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Find Time for The Home Projects You’ve Wanted to Do for A While

Do you like to do it yourself? Then you must surely have some home improvement projects that you’ve had in mind for some time but never could attend to. Would you like to redo the keyboard of the bed, paint the wooden floors or paint the tiles in the bathroom? Find the time to carry out your home projects.