Top 5 Cafes You Must Try in Perth

Top 5 Cafes You Must Try in Perth


Perth is known for its natural beauty where thousands of visitors come every year to have some fun and entertainment. There are plenty of beaches where you can enjoy some amazing moments with your friends and family. The story doesn’t end there because the visitors also like to try different meals and drinks during their visit to Perth. But the problem is that they cannot try all the cafes and restaurant in a short visit.

Top 5 Cafes You Must Try in Perth

And the problem is that many locals are also unaware of places where excellent foods and drinks are served. We’ve taken the responsibility to make things easier for you. We’ve created a list of top 5 cafes everyone must try in Perth. So, let’s get started.




Tiisch offers French-style environment with excellent food and service. The outdoor undercover eating area will definitely make your day. Their food items are a bit expensive as compared to other cafes but we must appreciate that they always try to maintain the quality. They have a friendly staff that is dedicated to serving the customers professionally and efficiently.


La Veen Coffee – Heritage

Top 5 Cafes You Must Try in Perth

La Veen Coffee – Heritage offers a range of delicious foods and drinks with excellent customer service. You can have tasty snacks and coffee at this café in a relaxing environment. Coffee lovers must consider trying their special coffee. Also, their Eggs Benedict is worth trying. We bet that you’d like to spend amazing moments with your friends in a lovely environment.


Golden Street Garage Café


This café is located in a former garage where you can get a chance of having some fun in the backyard garden. There are several breakfast options you can try at this restaurant. Don’t forget to try the Pancakes with their special coffee.


Tuck Shop

Top 5 Cafes You Must Try in Perth

Tuck Shop is a popular café in Perth known for offering modern brunch and coffee. The restaurant staff is dedicated to offering a quick and efficient service so you won’t have to wait for a long time. If you want to enjoy quality food at reasonable rates, this café is the ideal place for you.


Health Freaks Café Kings Park


As the name relates, the café is dedicated to offering healthy food to the customers. The restaurant is best known for providing vegan food. This is the place where you can enjoy gluten-free food at affordable prices.