The Risk We Take in Stepping into Digital Territory


The idea of having to be connected to a vast array and group of computer networks that help you keep efficiency at work and at some point help you communicate with others and also keeps you entertained for a given amount of time was unheard of during the timeframe of the previous century.. We are now connected with others in a digital format and we can now create and build things which was then considered impossible.

Science has truly and willingly opened the door for us human beings to walk into a portal in which almost anything is possible. From a common man’s point of view, this feat as a species has taken our foot to a new level of height and prestige and this feat has yet to prove that ma really is the measure of all things, yet that is still quite hard to pursue given that man has also yet to prove his limitations to himself and everyone around him; he still is taking on giant leaps of change and evolution especially in cognitive level.

And yet this marriage of convenience is not one without consequences. Society as a whole cannot instil values to every single individual especially when it comes to the digital platform, hence the problem of the internet falls in the beguiled eyes of, values, privacy, and morals especially among the younger generations who are more predisposed and are more common to use these technologies.

The issue now becomes apparent when these corrupted digital behaviour echoes outside in real world where people are apathetic, self-centred, and intrusive. Even with managed security services by social and government institutions people still find ways to obtrude and interfere and vandalize these digital platforms; their rebellious and uncouth behaviour caused and nurtured by the new media and technology has become observable and causes real trouble to the common people.


One of the most common unethical behaviour is hacking. This behaviour includes going into someone’s computer files and steal information from them. Hacking is actually a multifaceted attack; it could range from stealing the passwords and login codes to sending programs that collects data from a network or a specific computer unit.

Hacking is basically being used as a means of gathering information by other countries towards other elements but today many hackers are young people who only wants to commit the crime for selfish purposes or for monetary gains. There are third part identities such as Cyber Security – Gridware who offers protection from these types of attacks.

Planting Malwares

Some also plant malwares for their own sense of entertainment. Malwares are different from viruses in so many ways, yet the aim of such is still the same at to get inside a computer network to steal data or to destroy that said target. These scenarios could range from national security to companies that are at war with each other. Malwares are reported to be planted by young hackers who want to prove a point to a government institution or to promote a political idea towards other parties as well.

All in all, in the digital platform no one is ever truly safe because the ethics applied to real life may not be applied by other unscrupulous elements over the internet.