Hire a Bin Efficiently With These Tips


Whether you’re having a construction or simply doing some spring cleaning, there are times that the regular roadside bin is not enough for all the trash that needs to be disposed. This is when a skip bin comes in helpful. Skip bins can be used on different kinds of garbage that needs to be disposed – from garden waste, construction rubbish, industrial waste and all other kinds of waste.

Hiring a skip bin is a convenient way of disposing waste – the rental facility will deliver the bin to your location and pick it up to dispose the garbage. You don’t need to worry on how to dispose the waste properly because they will be the one to handle everything. If you’re planning on hiring a skip bin, here are some tips for efficient hiring.

Determine the Right Bin Size

The size and type of the skip bin you’ll need depends on the amount and kind of waste you will generate. For example, if you’re having a renovation or construction, hiring a bigger bin is a good choice since you’ll be having bigger items to dispose. However, if you think you’ll generate a variety of waste, hiring multiple yet smaller sized bins is a good choice so you can segregate them into different types. One thing you should remember when using skip bins is that you can’t fill them past the limit. The rental company will have to leave the excess waste on your property since there are laws that prohibit them from transporting overfilled bins.

There are a variety of skip bin sizes to choose from depending on your needs – from as small as 2 cubic meters to 12 cubic meters. Visit us for convenient and affordable skip hire Geelong area.

Know the Type of Waste to Be Disposed

Aside from determining the amount of waste, you should also determine the type of waste that needs to be disposed. Aside from efficiently filling up the bin, you can also help contribute to proper waste management and disposal. Most skip bin rental companies don’t require clients to segregate their waste, but it would be a great help in general. There are basically 3 types of waste. General waste refers to combined waste from household trash to commercial rubbish. Green waste refers to garden rubbish such as grass cuttings but doesn’t include soil, compost and tree stumps. Hard fill refers to the rubbish coming from construction such as tiles, concrete, and other.

Carefully Plan the Location of the Bin

When hiring a skip bin, make sure to plan carefully where you want to place it. Skip bins are heavy, making them not that convenient to move around. Be sure to place it close to where you will be removing waste. Skip bins should also be placed on a flat and even surface.

With so many skip bin companies out there, choosing one could be challenging. With these 3 tips, you can efficiently choose the right type of company where you can hire the right type of skip bin.