Give Wings To Your Writing Skills With Flash Fiction Fun Festival, Perth, Australia.

Crime Festival

Writers are the main and crucial element of any country’s economy part. A good writer just need a right forum and some sort of great opportunities to help them to put their skills on fire.

Of Whatever category you writers belongs! If you’re a budding writer, this is for you (the residents of Perth).

This week Perth is holding an event for the emerging as well as professional’s writers. It’s going to be start from today 26th of April and will continue till 28th of April. It will going to be held in East hotel, Perth.

A good idea to kick off your evening vibes with this event. So if you’re really in for this, you should know that you’re going to encounter with all the veteran and competent writers from all over the Australia. And definitely for the newbie it is not less than a golden opportunity.

What Is Flash Fun Fiction?

There are many criterion for measuring a writer worth, but above all the most important thing is how a writer managed word frequency, how much a writer is proficient in framing and covering wide topics into smaller one, according to the convene of the readers. So that’s what their motto is:

“Say more in less”.

It is designed to sharpen the writer’s skills. It does not only help you to enhance your writing but also their will be such professionals and speakers present, that would guide you on every aspect of this domain from writing to editing, and from marketing to publishing, and distribution. The important discussions would be made, and brainstorming will be done for the new writers.

The writers from all over Australia comes and will share their personal life experience, what challenges and hassles, they had in their way, and how they look at it and face it.

There isn’t any limit. You can write almost on any genre, and can make your skills grind.

The event first makes it appearance in the recent year, 2018. After receiving enormous success and a positive response from people of the event, last year. The founder and organizer, Suzanne Kiraly, decide to plan another one for this year.

“This festival is about turbo charging writing skills,” says the founder. “No matter what you write, whether it’s genre fiction, literary fiction, non-fiction, biography or poetry, we’ve got you covered.”

The workshops would also be conducted where you can applied what you’ve taught. There is also a writing competition and the winning party would appears and got their published in an anthology that is going to be launched in 2020.

This event is specifically designed to impart all the fundamentals of writing to a writer. You need to write a short creative story, regardless of what genre you’re choosing, after all the founder believes in providing the comforts within writer constraints. So it is your chance to show your hidden talent to the world.