Birthday Celebration Essentials To Keep In Mind


Whether you’re throwing a party for a friend or family member or you have your own party business, you have to be well-prepared to make the birthday a successful event. And even if you don’t have experience in event planning, you can still pull it off effectively. After all, it’s all about bringing people together and having a great time. Plan it ahead of time, and here are some birthday celebration essentials you can take into consideration for your next birthday party spree.

Birthday Cake

A birthday is never complete without a birthday cake. It is said that the first ever birthday cake was made in Germany during the middle ages. Then it was in the 17th century when cakes were made with icing and decorations. And there’s a theory that it was in Ancient Greece where putting candles on the cake has started.


You need a venue for the birthday of the special person in your life. It can be at home if your budget’s limited. But if you have the financial power, you can rent a venue. See to it to check it in person before you book your slot, so you’ll know if it’s the right option for you. Check the parking space, too. If you’re from the land down under, you shouldn’t miss checking out accommodation geelong city.

Chairs and Tables

Of course, you need chairs and tables for your guests. You can use your own or rent out. If you will rent, you have to do it ahead of time, and if it’s an outdoor party that will take place in the evening, you may need to get extra heaters for your orders as well.

Food and Beverage

The food is the center of any party, and it shouldn’t disappoint. If you will be cooking the food, you have to prepare at least 2-3 specialty items and keep the rest simple. And if you will be hiring a food caterer, make sure that you do food tasting first. Know if there are attendees who need a special food requirement, and if there are children, make sure that you have a food that they will like. For the beverages, have options for everyone. A unique cocktail drink is a perfect addition to a birthday party, especially if the majority of attendees are adults.


For entertainment, karaoke machines and magicians are a popular choice. Hiring a singer or band is ideal, too. They will make the birthday more special and fun.

Things to Do in Perth


Send out invitations a few weeks before the birthday party. Feel free to invite more people as only 50-60% of them will say ”yes” to your invitation. Make sure to include your contact information on your invitation, so they can call or text you anytime for inquiries.


Balloons are a classic birthday party item. They are cheap and colorful and children can play with them, too. Apart from birthdays, you can send some balloons to someone who is feeling ill. It can help cheer them up for a little while.

Consider this birthday party essentials list at your next birthday party celebration.