A Man In Perth, Killed By Being Stabbed In Neck:

Crime Festival

We’re living in the world where everyday we wakeup with the news of such Inhuman and vicious acts, that could just astound and boggles our mind.

Working on one of my project, I need to assemble sources of information for the heinous incidents happend in Perth, recently.

I’m just out of words, when going through the list of crime, when one just took me another level of surprise and shock.

The incident happened on 11th of March, 2019, Mon on 12 p.m

“A call had been made to Triple-zero”. Saids the reports, “By a Perth man, claiming that he had been stabbed on his backside”.

One could easily perceived the agony and pain of him, begging for his life to be saved.

After the call had been made, a crew of police reached at the house in Hall Base Lane, at 2:00 A.m.

They found a man of 56, with critical cuts and injuries. They gave him cardiac resuscitation, but it wasn’t of any use. The old man died at a moment.

Further, some sources confirmed that the delinquent was taken into the custody, before he walked down to street and howls that he had stabbed someone.

A detective superintendent, Scott Moller, looking over at this case and assisting the police. The police only provided little details of their investigation, to the media coverage.

Scott, condemned this act by calling it a horrific attack. He informed that there was a severe loss of blood from the victim’s body, and that he was not shot down.

The investigations bounded a bit until a post-moterm had been done, because uptill now they could not find the real cause of death.

Scott, further proceeded it statements by adding, that no kin of the victim appears during the whole incident and the process of investigations. And they couldn’t find what relation an alleged criminal shares with the victim. He could not gives the full details of investigations as no relatives appeared, but states that the couldn’t identifys any weapons uptill now.

The officers, Scour two more incidents on the same day, just next to Flemington road.

For the security purposes, three blocks of Hall Best Lane, were blocked. The forensic specialist, confined the areas to assemble evidence.

Scott Moller, said that they witnessed multiple crimes scenes in the area and that they they’re trying to get the proof of an incident.

The ACT police, looks for the dwellers of an area for the proceedings of an investigations. They investegad if anyone of them witnessed the crime.

For several hours, the traffic had been diverted from Hall Best Lane. The Act police tried to recovers CCTV footages and witnessed.

They also issued a number, so that if anyone witnessed something they could informed the police. The given number is 1800 333 000.

This suspicious act just left the police with surprise. And still they didn’t get their hands on any proper evidence which could justifies the incident.