Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
We have gathered all the common questions into one area. Please select from the list below the area which most closly matches your issue.

Placing Adverts
1. How do I place an advert?
Click on the SUBMIT button on the site and follow the prompts to answer any question or choose from the list of categories. Click the most appropriate for your advert afrom the list and then from any subsequent sub-category/s. When you have selected your category you will be presented with a box which will allows you to type your advert text. You then enter your email address and password and click the submit button. New users will need to check their email to confirm their email address before they can be reviewed and posted. Previous users submissions will be passed directly to the editor for review and posting to the site. When an advert has been accepted and the advert has been published you will receive an email notification.

2. Receiving confirmation email
The first time you use our site we will send you a confirmation email. You need to click this email to confirm your address. This will ensure that you have used a valid email and will receive all your replies. We only require this confirmation the first time you use the Exchange. It also sorts out a lot of spam submissions. If you change email address the first time you use the site you will need to do this again. We cannot do this for you so please check your spam/deleted files if you do not receive this email in your inbox within 5 minutes of your submission and add us to your safe senders list for future.

1. New users and creating a password
Please choose a password of 6 to 10 characters that you can easily remember in future and enter it into the box provided. Please note that passwords are case sensitive and may not contain spaces.

2. Forgotten your password?
If you have forgotten your password you will see a password reminder button on the submit page. Click the PASSWORD REMINDER link and enter your email address and it will be emailed to you. Should you not receive a reminder after a few moments check your spam and deleted files just in case but if you still don't receive one its most likely you used another email address the last time so if you know what that is you should submit using that or indeed use your new address making up a password as a new user with the fresh address.

Contacting Advertisers & Using Webmail
1. How to contact an advertiser
Each advert contains a reply link labelled Click to Contact Advertiser. When you click the link it opens a reply box for you to email the advertiser directly.

2. How the webmail system works
The webmail system provides you with a secure and private way to make contact with advertisers and those responding. No-one can access your webmail without knowing your address and password so take advantage of the security and privacy the webmail system offers you. No attachments which have the potential to include viruses can be sent via webmail. Use your webmail until and unless you feel comfortable directly corresponding with the other party. This will also largely protect you from receiving spam. It should be noted that whilst ads which contain email address in their text are not available for indexing by robots on our site they are are available for desperate fraudsters to copy and paste so putting spaces and so forth will NOT protect you from these types and is a waste of time. We strongly recommend you never include your address in your advert text and take advantage of this secure and private system.

3. Replying to a response
When you have clicked the subject of any given email in your mailbox to read it you will notice a hyperlink marked REPLY. Click this link to open a reply page and when you have completed typing your reply click the SEND link.

4. Reply Notifications
When somebody has sent a reply to either your advert or a response to a reply you have sent you will be emailed to advise you. You can use the link in that email to go to your mailbox or alternately you may click the LOGIN button directly from the site to access your webmail at anytime. Once logged in click the webmail link. Until you have read all your new messages the unread ones will be flagged as unread but you may click any thread in your inbox to view past messages as well.

5. Accessing past mail
Access your site email securely anytime bu clicking the LOGIN button on the home page and entering your email address and password. You then need to click the link which will read either You have 0 unread messages or state how many new ones you have received. From there you can access messages new and old even those you have deleted for up to 60 days. Any messages deleted by you longer ago than that will be permanently deleted from the system. Unread messages will be moved to trash after 30 days of being ignored. Read messages are being moved to trash 30 days after being opened so if you want to keep an old message you will need to move it back to your inbox before it is automatically and permanently deleted from trash.

6. Email Attachments
Attachments have the potential to contain viruses which may harm your computer and for this reason they are not permitted to be sent by our webmail system, You should only open attachments from trusted sources. One photo may be included in a free advert and for a very small fee it is possible to include images in your advert by UPGRADING your free advert so we suggest you do that to attract more responses. You will otherwise need to obtain the other parties direct email address to send attachments to them.

Advertisers Guidelines
1. How many ads & categories am I allowed to submit to?
Most adverts are perfectly suited to only one particular category and should not be submitted multiple times to irrelevant categories. In the event you cannot see a suitable category submit it to what seems most appropriate and our editor will move it in the review process to the best position.

2. Can I include a website/hyperlink?
Exchange classifieds are not intended to list web sites although a domain owned by the advertiser can be used in support of a properly worded advertisement which can stand alone in terms of sufficient details supplied in the text. For example, a builder or tutor with their own domain could add the address into their advert text. Advert text should not open with a web address and the web address should not be repeated. Link references to adverts/ pages on other web sites, free web pages or referal URLs and so forth with not be accepted. Links will not be active HTML links unless you elect to upgrade your advert. Dont bother trying to include HTML commands as they are all ignored and just make your advertisement look silly. The only way to stand out on the site is to UPGRADE. For technical reasons the http:// must be included in the submission text for web browsers to recognise a weblink.

3. Publishing Policy
Exchange Classifieds reviews submissions and rejects submissions those which are not LOCAL to the Exchange such as property or vehicles not located in the area. Classifieds adverts must be unique. They may not contain offerings which are not UNIQUE such as self-employment opportunites via catalogue sales & party plans or referral re-selling of goods & services although affordable banners are available for promotion of such offerrings. Adverts which are pointless DUPLICATIONS of other adverts will also be rejected. People do not want to see the same advert over and over again and if you want to stand out in the crowd it is very simple and easy to do so by UPGRADING to a bold advertisment. If the editor suspects an advert is fraudulent it will be rejected but it is clearly not possible for us to guarantee we identify all frauds so once again local trading, commonsense and making your own enquiries is essential. Any attempts to LINK FARM will be rejected. Submissions to any section which contain ADULT or other content of a too personal or dubious nature will also be rejected. It is impossible to anticipate every possible submission in these guidelines and Exchange Classifieds reserves the right to remove or reject any advert at its discretion at any time. If you have read this policy and seriously remain in doubt please submit for review. Sucessful advertisers are notified. Those who abuse the system may well find themselves barred from the site without debate.
You probably want to see the publishing policy

4. When will my advert appear?
Adverts which are upgraded on placement will normally appear on the site within a few minutes. Other advert submissions are reviewed and those accepted are posted to the site at that time. This includes edits. The review process very often takes only minutes but not more than a few hours just depending on the time/day/length of the review queue at that time. If you are using the Exchange for the first time or have changed email addresses your advert will not go to the editor until you have clicked to confirm the email address you submitted with. That email should arrive within 5 minutes of submission and if it does not we suggest you check your spam/deleted files and add us to your safe senders list. Sucessful advertisers are emailed to advise them when the advert is posted and that email will contain a link to the adverts position on the site.

5. Placed your advert in the wrong category?
It is easy and quick to delete your advert and re-submit to correct location using copy and paste if your text was correct. Delete the incorrect one by clicking the LOGIN button on the home page. Please note that if the Exchange Classifieds editor has noticed your advert was submitted to the wrong category it will be moved to the correct one for you in most cases. If your submission does not meet the intended free classifieds criteria for a given category if will not be accepted as a free advert in that category. The category names and descriptions are usually quite self-explanatory in this regard.

6. How do I change my email address?
Together with your email address and your password provide the security that only you can access your ads to edit or delete them and receive your replies. This means you cannot CHANGE the email address on an existing advert. If you are changing addresses simply DELETE the old advert and place the advert again with your new address and password of your choice. If you have a paid advertisement running on the old address once you have done that please get in touch with the details so the remaining credit can be transferred over to the new advert.

Deleting, Editing and Upgrading Adverts
1. Removing an advert
You may remove your advert/s at anytime. Click the LOGIN button on home page and enter the email address and password used to place it. Then select the Advert Management link. Any current adverts will be displayed. Click the DELETE link next to the advert you no longer need and it will disappear of the site within a few minutes. Free adverts which have not been renewed will be automatically deleted at 28 days but it is preferable to remove an advert once you have finished with it to avoid people wasting your/their time responding to it.

2. Editing an advert
You may edit your advert/s at anytime. Click the LOGIN button on home page and enter the email address and password used to place it. Then select the Advert Management link. Any current adverts from that address will be displayed. Click the EDIT link next to the advert you wich to ammend and make and confirm your changes. Your changes will be reviewed by an editor and accepted edits will be re-posted to the site. You cannot change categories using the edit facility. You need to DELETE and SUBMIT again to the correct one.

3. Upgrading an advert
You may elect to upgrade an advert either in the ad placement process or by clicking the UPGRADE link on the site or in an an advert you placed previously. You will be referred to the SECURE encoded online payment system and can elect to make payment via either debit or credit cards. Encoding means that neither Exchange nor Paypal staff have access to your personal details. The advert will appear in the upgraded format for the period you elect on payment. The payment process is normally completed and the advert in bold format and ready for picture upload within 5 minutes of payment. UPGRADED adverts may be edited or images changed at anytime.

4. Adding photos to an advert
You may upload one image immediately on placement of a free advert and for BOLD advertisers payment processing is usually complete within 5 minutes and you will see your advert appear on the site in the new bold format at which time you may upload your additional images. At that time either use the link in your receipt email or click LOGIN on the site to enter the email address and password you used to place it to access your advert and upload your images. JPEG files are the acceptable internet standard format. Images which are very large file sizes may require compression in order to be uploaded. Although they may contain images, examples of files which are not image files include PDF and Word documents cannot be uploaded. Please extract the raw JPEG file from such documents in order to upload to your advert.

Surprisingly affordable category sponsorship to reach your market!
1. What is a banner?
Banners are the large adverts (468px wide, by 60px high) that appear on the top of each of our classifieds category pages. Appearing right at the top of EVERY page you simply choose the section/s which your market niche are interested in. When you sponsor a Category your advert will appear to each and every visitor to that page for the time booked. Supply your own graphic banner or build your own text banner using our tool, pay securely online and and watch your business grow!!

2. How much do banners cost?
Banner advertising is very affordable. Every section is priced differently. The sponsorship page shows all the sections, their prices and availabilty. Just click a category and month of your choice and choose to either create a banner or use your own and see how little it would to cost for you to reach your target market.

3. What is category sponsorship?
A banner placed at the top of every page in that category. If you elect to sponsor a category on the Exchange that means that your banner will be displayed to each and every visitor to that category for the full period you have booked. Only one banner exists on the page, so you will not be fighting with your competitors for attention.

4. How does the free banner creation tool work?
If you dont have a banner or if you would prefer to create a text banner select to use the free advert designer when booking your campaign. The tool will prompt you through a simple process in which you choose one of our suggested colour options or enter your own colour preferences and of course your ad text. If you wish the banner to link to a website you enter the web page address as well although those without a website could actually just quote a telephone number in the banner text itself.

About Exchange Classifieds
1. Who are Exchange Classifieds?
The Exchange Classifieds websites are owned, developed and run by a small family team. Back in 1996 we had an idea and decided to invest our time into creating local classifieds sites that offered people an alternative to the large expensive media offerings such as newspapers - which were about the only thing available at that time. After many months of work the very first Exchanges were ready for launch in 1997 and more have followed since.

A lot has changed and many other sites have come (and gone is some cases) since that time and although people might compare us to other sites in some ways we think the Exchange sites still offer something quite unique and thats because from the outset our commitment to the following has never wavered:

  • Continuing to provide you with an effective free classifieds alternative in a wide-range of areas alongside very affordable, optional paid advertising options which we have priced to ensure they are affordable to anyone.
  • Creating local online communities intended for locals to submit advertisement, read and use as a meeting point and from there go on to interact and/or trade their goods and services or just become friends
  • Spending the time to personally moderate our adverts to maintain quality and eliminate the junk ads appearing on other free websites as well as get your advert in the right place for maximum response and give you personal tips and advice
  • Develop strong anti-spam systems to prevent you from being hammered with junk email replies and make your details inaccessible to crawlers compiling mailing lists as often occurs after posting adverts on other sites.
  • Focusing on local advertising so that you can personally meet and trade with other locals rather than find yourself being defrauded by foreign con artists and anyway, who wants to waste their time reading about properties or cars for sale on the other side of the country or indeed the world?
  • To be selective about the type of adverts we run, for example, we believe that adult content belongs only on adult sites and that if an offering is not unique you don't want to read about different people offering the same thing over and over
  • To offer prompt and personal support and assistance

    Exchange Classifieds originally launched a number of sites across Australia and the United Kingdom. In 2007 Exchange classifieds expanded the number of local Exchanges in Australia and launched its first sites for New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Canada. In 2008 Exchange Classsifieds launched Spanish language classifieds for Spain, Chile, Mexico, Argentina & Venezuela.

    We thank those if you who have already sent in their appreciation or made suggestions and invite you to keep your feedback coming in. We always have a very long to-do list and a great deal more planned and are working hard 365 days a year to bring further improvements to you as fast as we possibly can.

    Since we dont own any radio stations, television networks or publishing houses (strangely!) if you like what we do on this site then please tell your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues about us as the bigger this community gets the more valuable it can be to everyone.



  • 2. How can I contact Exchange Classifieds?
    Exchange Classifieds does not provide telephone support and we ask you to use this email form to get in touch giving us as much detail as you can to allow us to help you. Please be assured that every message sent here is looked at by a human and we endeavour to respond as quickly as possible in order of receipt, often in minutes and almost always within a few hours,

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