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"I was looking for free ads on the net and found Perth Exchange.

I have been overjoyed at the results I get here, better than paid adverts any day if you look you will see.

I use it every time I have puppies to sell, I love the bold ads it is very reasonable.

I reccomend your service to all and they also do well.

I am 72 so am passable at the computer but you make it easy for all.

Many thanks,
Margaret K.


"I Have advertised puppies for sale on Perth Exchange & I would recommend to others,

Jack P.


"I advertised a dog for sale with good results.

I will reccommend,


"I love Perth Exchange - it never fails to deliver excellent results for little effort!

I breed and sell puppies with great success through the website and would and do reccomend this site to all for a stress free way of letting Perth people see what you have for sale or looking to buy.

Many thanks Perth Exchange,
Margaret K.
stars: 5


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